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The North Brevard Economic Zone Development Plan

The initial task of the Special District Board is to create an Economic Development Plan that requires the approval of both the Board of County Commissioners and the Titusville City Council. This Plan, as required by the originating Ordinance, at a minimum must provide for the following:

  • The appropriation of funds deposited or maintained in the trust fund created under the tax increment ordinance.
  • The development of an economic development program identifying the infrastructure and expenditures necessary to implement and support adopted economic development programs including any incentives, regulatory or procedural changes, donations or contributions as may be deemed necessary to further economic development within the boundaries of the North Brevard Development District.
  • The establishment of policies, criteria and strategies for (i) identifying and targeting projects that would create new jobs including new, relocating or expanding businesses or industries and (ii) qualifying projects or essential infrastructure supporting such projects for incentives and assistance consistent with the district board powers specified in this division.
  • Such other matters or activities that may create, promote, expand or improve economic development initiatives within the district.

The North Brevard Economic Zone Development Plan Components

There are four economic development components that are critical to achieving the Zone's mission. These component or focus areas are as follows. Click a plan component link to read more.

I. High Wage Business Attraction and Retention - Click to Read More

II. Redevelopment of Commercial/Industrial Sites - Click to Read More

III. Development of Pad Ready/Spec Building Sites - Click to Read More

IV. Small Business Attraction, Creation, Retention, and Expansion - Click to Read More

Each component will have a goal, implementation strategies, program guidelines, and realistic performance measures to ensure that goals are being met. As with any plan unique circumstances may require the modification of adopted program strategies and guidelines. Therefore the North Brevard Economic Development District may by a majority plus one vote (6 of 9) of its membership make exceptions to the strategies and guidelines initially adopted in this plan when compelling circumstances and/or information are presented or when deemed in the best interest of the Zone. Additionally, the North Brevard Economic Development District may also consider unique proposals and/or project submittals that are not currently addressed under any of the identified plan components, programs, or services.

Submission of an application for any of the NBEDZ programs, grants or services does not entitle or guarantee that the applicant will receive any minimum level of funding, project approval, financing or assistance. The decision of the NBEDZ Board to review or approve any project proposal requesting assistance, financing or funding is completely within the discretion of the Board. The rules and standards set forth in the Economic Development Plan and any implementing document or Board or staff action shall not be construed as creating any vested right, guarantee, property interest or any other type of interest unless:

  1. the Board has voted to commit funds to such a project, grant or financing with the expressed purpose of inducing a company or business to rely upon that approval as an economic incentive to create, retain, or relocate full time permanent jobs within the District and
  2. the applicant company or business meets all conditions set by the Board as part of its vote to approve assistance, a grant or financing for the project.